Mussels with rice

A delicious summer dish that is often combined with ouzo in some parts of Greece. We belong to it belongs to its own white wine.

Fragrant vegetable rice

White cabbage is a, if not that, winter vegetable in Crete. This recipe is popular popular, easy and healthy. It is best to combine the fragrant vegetable rice with your own white wine.

Eggplant in the oven

For many Greeks, the eggplant is the queen of vegetables. Together with the tomato you will find a tasty dish with a rich summer flavor that is vegan. It can be improved perfectly with a Cabernet Sauvignon.

Chicken with Sage

The dish can also be made with pork, but with less we have a lighter and finer version. Sage gives food a taste of the rugged mountains, and let’s not forget that sage is very important in production. A Chardonnay is the best for our food.

Beans in tomato sauce with mint

Beans and beans the bean soup as the national dish of Greece. The red beans are the most popular in Crete. The bean soup is a classic recipe for dinner with friends in winter, with good wine. It is called a dry red wine, preferably with a rich aroma like that of the Syrah grape.